Feminist Researchers Against Borders was formed in 2017.


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About FRAB

We are a network of feminist researchers and organizers. We work to dismantle the structures that produce, constrain, criminalise, control, and shape immobilities and mobilities, whether forced, coercive, elective, or otherwise. This includes the borders of the modern nation state and its management of human life and ecology through gender, class, sexuality, racialisation, ableism, citizenship, and colonialism.

Together, we:

  • Build collaborative research, writing, and scholarship;
  • Mobilise transnational networks and connections;
  • Use “on-the-ground” framing in our research and political projects
  • Develop “moving” scholarship and research across academic and activist writing and publishing;
  • Develop spaces for alternative knowledge production and exchange, such as through workshops, public interventions, forums, and open/free universities;
  • Engage in struggles that resist, dismantle, and transform the structures and ideologies of the nation-state, borders, capitalism, patriarchy, racism, and violence.
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If you would like to join our mailing list, please contact us.

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